Selling Tech Products to Non-Techies

“Make the customer’s problem your problem” – Shep Hylon, customer service expert, author, and speaker

If your business sells specialised tech products, chances are a part of your desired market segment does not exactly understand tech. This is especially prevalent in Singapore where a large part of the economy consists of SMEs that are not well-versed in technology nor even have adopted technology in their operations.

Hence, you will encounter a gap between your sales pitch and your customers’ understanding. As a salesperson, you need to help bridge this and educate your customers about tech. Here are some ways to do that:

Pitch results

The technical components of your product might be too complicated for non-tech users. Therefore, it is more effective to focus on the specific results of using your tech products. Tell them that your product can increase sales closing rate by 20%. Tell them how that instead of scraping leads for hours, your product can do the same job in just a matter of minutes. This way, your customers will be more incentivized to learn how to use your products and adopt it to achieve the results that you mention.

Brand your tech products

The plethora of tech products out there in the market serve a diversity of purposes. What is your tech product’s niche? Instead of mindlessly listing all the functions of your product, describe it in one line to your customer. For instance, PearComm’s QuickDesk is a simplified CRM software optimized for sales teams and professionals. Simple and easy to understand. Find a noun that best describes your tech product (Platform? Software? Application? Bot?) and can be understood easily by your everyday users.

Don’t use technical jargon

Yes, you might have studied Engineering at university or read widely on the latest technology. But the sales pitch may not by the time to sound smart and flaunt your knowledge by using technical jargons. Ironically, if you want to sell technology, don’t talk about technology. Just look at the ads by tech giants like Google and Apple: they barely mention very complex tech concepts and functions. Instead, they appeal to the emotional needs of the everyday users.

Target your prospect’s specific needs

While your product might have a lot to offer, do not bombard your customers with functions that are not relevant to their personal or business needs. Instead, focus on the functions that are applicable to them individually. This helps to avoid confusing your customers, especially the older market that is not as receptive to overly complex products.

Focus on the future

The hallmark of tech products is their futuristic element. Inspire your customers with the limitless potential of tech products and how they have revolutionised different aspects of our lives. Mention the increasing use of tech products by other companies to evoke FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in them. Your purpose is to convince them to adopt your tech products to catch up with the rest and advance better towards the future of technology.   

Educate and convince through demonstrations

If words are hard to explain your tech products, simply demonstrate the usage to them! Show them step by step and debunk the myth that tech products are too complex and hard to use.  

Practice your pitch

You might have been too immersed in the tech environment that it is hard for you to see from the perspectives of non-tech users. It will be great if you can practice your selling to people around you, be it a family member or a friend. This way you can understand better what they do not understand and can understand, and thus become a better communicator of your products. Always remember the virtue of patience, for your role is not just to sell but to educate and convey the superiority of your technology. You can even take the extra mile to give insights on the use of technology. After all, the ultimate vision of tech-based businesses is to inspire all to integrate the ever-improving technology into all aspects of their lives.  


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