Social Media Sites Other Than Facebook to Use for Lead Generation

Many people think that traditional telemarketing is becoming obsolete due to the rise of social media. However, there actually are a lot of synergies between these marketing channels.

To start telemarketing, you need leads. While they are many ways to qualify your leads, social media platforms allow you to do this at low cost and with little hassle.

When we think of lead generation using social media, we immediately think of Facebook. However, depending on your target market, other social media platforms might be more appropriate. Here are 3 other social media platforms to seriously considering linking to your telemarketing efforts.



Many young people tweet about things they truly care about. Twitter allows you to get a feel for trending conversations – what are people talking about, how are people talking about your brand, and who are these people?

With these questions in mind, you can easily get qualified leads on Twitter, or have a better understanding of your target audience, and this can help you prospect better in telemarketing.

Things come and go fast on the Internet and social media sites. Make sure you use the hashtag function to keep informed on the latest hot topics which might be a potential trend to ride on to enhance your selling. You might even consider joining relevant conversations and introduce your service or product, which can help you in securing appointments with them.


Quora is a popular question-and-answer forum platform. What’s a better place to understand the pain points of potential customers than to come to the platform where people ask questions when they encounter problems or need help?

Moreover, Quora users are verified and hence more qualified than other forum sites that allow anonymity. This means that the community of users is more genuine (no dodgy profiles!) and the questions asked are more legitimate, which are useful for generating quality leads.


Google+ is a great place to garner connections and network for your business. It encompasses a variety of features that serve unique functions that can help you generate leads in different ways. Other than boosting and sharing your marketing content on Google+, you can reach out to more people through Google+ Communities and Circles. Both allow you to interact with other users of the particular similar interest, which affirms the qualified status of your leads.

Google Hangouts is popular among businesses for video meeting purposes. However, not many utilise it as a social media platform. Like what its name suggests, Hangouts allows you to join chat rooms set up by other businesses for group events or discussions. Being involved gives you the opportunity to directly interact with potential leads.


There is a plethora of social media platforms that revolutionise the way we generate leads and do telemarketing. Social media allows you to understand your customers better, so even if you are not able to secure a call appointment with someone, treat it as a research opportunity for your business. Ultimately, it is about finding the platform that suits your business the most. Hence, we encourage you go forth and explore! Or if you do not have the resources, have us at RevGen do it for you!


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