Got leads? Why are sales still slow?

Technology has made lead generation easier than ever before. However, even with new technical hacks, many companies still put in a disproportionately small amount of time and effort into following up with leads.

Prospects drop off from the sales funnel, resulting in a wasted investment. Two factors in particular can account for lackluster follow-up among sales organizations.

Poor Delegation of Responsibilities

Sometimes lead-response mismanagement is the problem. The lack of defined roles or roles assigned to handle incoming leads results in missed opportunities. Everyone drops the ball because no one even knew there was a ball to carry. It is important that you have answers to these questions for your sales team:

  1. Who manages your incoming leads?

  2. What systems are in place to assign leads within the team?

  3. How are sales team members notified of new leads?

  4. What are the expected timeline and tasks once a lead is assigned?

After assigning leads and tasks to each sales rep, set goals to align the team’s focus and keep everyone on task. CRM solution tools are available to better help you facilitate this task.

Phobia of Cold Calling

Many sales reps are reluctant to pick up the phone to dial a lead, fearing the awkwardness and rejection that may follow. Instead they rely on electronic means of communication, like email, which is less than ideal for making those first few touch points with a prospect.

Phone calls are still the king in the sales cycle. You are better able to present your sales pitch over the phone and craft a more personable message when speaking to your prospect, compared to sending an email. Don’t let your fear of calling result in losing leads and business!

Otherwise, let RevGen do the cold calling for you, so that you can focus on closing deals. Learn more here.


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