Don’t Even Bother Sending Out a Cold Email Until You’ve Read This Post


You just got the email address of a potential big client, and you need to send him a cold email like your life depends on it. You absolutely cannot screw this up. According to Boomerang, a person gets an average of 147 emails per day. This is what you have to overcome when trying to catch your lead’s attention.

Consider your cold email as a piece of marketing content. It should be concise, personal and persuasive. Here are the essential components of a good cold email:


An Awesome Subject Line

First impressions are important. Your subject line is the first thing that leads read when your email pops up on their screen. Its main purpose is to get your email opened. So invest time to brainstorm attention-grabbing subject lines.

There is a myth that cold emails should be strictly formal to be taken seriously. However, remember the need for differentiation? Find a good balance between being professional and captivating. For instance, if you are from an insurance company, your subject line can play on emotions: “We care about your health” instead of one that is too in-your-face, like “ABC Insurance Company’s New Package”.

Lots of Personalisation

Your leads need to feel that your messages are sincere and specific to their needs. Therefore, it is crucial to research your leads before sending out cold emails. For instance, if your lead has recently published an article, mention it in your email to show that you are interested in what they say and do:

“I really appreciate your recent article/ I cannot agree more with your stand on digitizing strategies we should adopt in start-ups especially the point about having a specific target audience”

With enough personalisation, you can spark a connection with even the coldest leads. Even if they do not buy from you immediately, you have left an impression that will be come in handy for possible future collaborations.

Pain Points and Benefits

Once your leads click on the email, you want them to keep reading. To do that, quickly mention a pain point that you know your leads experience. Afterwards, present your product or service as a solution to this pain point:

“Many start-ups die due to the lack of manpower and resources to get sales. But what if I tell you that your start-up can receive streams of qualified leads and appointments despite those resources constraints? With RevGen…”

Remember though that different leads have different specific pain points. This is why the research is very important. Also, if you think that your lead is not facing the problem your product can solve, try to create a new need for them and suggest that they are missing out if they do not avail of your services.


Credibility: Statistics and Referrals

Persuasive cold emails are ones that appear credible, and one way to do so is by citing statistics. Businesspeople are very keen on figures and number. For example, list the success rate of your service, the number of your product’s active users, or general statistics about your prospects’ specific industry.

Another trick is to list out reputable companies that are your clients, to evoke the feeling of missing out in your recipient:

“MaxPay, Flick and Scape enjoy the new version of our software…”

Firm Call to Action

Once your recipient has bought into your business proposal (or rather, your thoughtfully crafted email), what’s next?

Direct them to an easy-to-do follow-up step. You can end your email by asking them about their availability to schedule for a meet-up or call. Alternatively, you can explore other methods like including a calendar link or Google Form where your recipients can indicate interest with just a few clicks.

Sending cold emails is not rocket science. Always put yourself in the shoes of your recipient to evaluate the effectiveness of your content. Think out of the box, and adopt a persona that will leave a long-lasting impression. Once you capture them with your email engagement, the work is not over. Follow-up interactions must be just as thoughtful and persuasive as the first cold email.




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