Is Telemarketing Still Relevant in the Digital Age?


The current marketing landscape is constantly disrupted by new and shiny technologies that we never imagined possible before. When we talk about B2B marketing today, we think of social media, blogging, automated email sequencing...the ever-changing list goes on.

Telemarketing used to be an innovative way of reaching customers. But it has since gotten a bad rep, especially for call receivers who often find cold calls an intrusion on their day.

However, just because telemarketing is old-school doesn’t mean you should discount it. In today’s age of ultra high-speed automated marketing, telemarketing puts the human aspect back in the sales process.


Telemarketing adds a personal touch to sales

Email might be easier for presenting information and driving traffic to your site. But a phone call allows you to add a personal touch to the selling. Your tone of voice and inflection can help you build trust more easily than a written message, no matter how personalized the text may be.


Telemarketing makes you more responsive

Apart from face-to-face meetings, calling is the most direct sales communication tactic you can use. Other forms of communication like email and social media posting require more time and effort for people to respond, and often even get ignored. With telemarketing, people are less comfortable dropping the call once you already have them on the phone

Also, not only will your audience be more responsive in calls, but you can also be more responsive towards their needs. Because you get real-time market insights and feedback, you can address any issues on the spot. This speeds up the sales and negotiation process and help you hit appointment generation numbers.

Telemarketing can work with newer technologies

Today, it is very common to find companies integrating telemarketing practices with social media, content marketing and other efforts to verify leads and generate sales appointments. Companies add trackers on their web pages to target people for telemarketing. Telemarketers also do research on LinkedIn to add even greater personalization to their calls.

Thus, instead of removing telemarketing from your toolbox and losing its benefits, combine it with the new technologies that we have available today.


Final Note

To sell, you need to persuade.

Telemarketing, with its potential for personalization and dynamism, is an excellent tool for persuasion. Though the practice is more traditional, the benefits of telemarketing for lead and appointment generation cannot be discounted. Instead, focus on how you can integrate technology into telemarketing and find a happy mean between tech and human interaction.




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