How Not To Hard Sell

Hard selling over the phone is one of the biggest pitfalls of sales. Many customers find it aggressive and disrespectful, and doing so can tarnish a company’s reputation. However, when you’re desperate to hit numbers when telemarketing, it’s sometimes difficult not to hard sell. Here are some tips to avoid hard selling and ultimately become better salespersons for your customers:

Stay calm

Prospects can sense desperation whether over a call or face-to-face. Be mindful of your tone or words as they might indirectly scream “HEY! BUY THIS FROM ME!!!” in your customers’ faces. Do not exaggerate the benefits of your products and services to avoid overt and forceful selling.

Know when to step back

As you do telemarketing, chances are you will face rejection. You might be able to turn the situation, but if they firmly refuse, you should respect their decision. Being overly unrelenting can annoy prospects and stop them from buying from you in the future. Instead, take a step back and reflect on what went wrong with your pitching or your telemarketing techniques. Do not forgo your business reputation or image just for that one potential buyer.


Newsflash: selling is NOT all about talking. Often, listening is even more important, as it helps you to understand the needs of your customers. This way, you can pitch your products and services specific to their requirements. This personal touch makes your selling seem less forceful.

A pro-tip is to make your selling more conversational. Build a connection with your audience so that it does not feel like you are just mindlessly selling your product or service. After all, doing business is ultimately about fostering relationships.


There are so many great ways to persuade and convince your customers without being forceful. By providing prospects with the information they need, you are helping them to make wise consumer decisions, even if that means not buying from you at this moment. Think instead of how you want to enhance your customers’ lives through what you can offer to them. This way, you can avoid being too fixated and focused on your product and fall into the treacherous depths of hard-selling.


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