Tips To Generate Leads Effectively With Only a Small Team


We recently shared with you our 2018 Lead Generation Strategy. You may feel energized to find new customers as the year goes on. However, it may not be so easy if your company is small and manpower is limited. To thrive in today’s competitive business landscape, you need to be resourceful.  and use everything in your arsenal to get more customers for your company. Here are 7 tips on how you can to generate leads when you only have a small team!


Don’t start until you have strategy

When you have a small sales team, planning is crucial. Before you jump into any lead generation campaigns, you must have a well-crafted strategy. List out all your challenges. Identify your target audience. Specify your objectives, the metrics you will measure, and your means for measuring them. Set out a realistic timeline for meeting your goals and choose your sales channels carefully. Refer to statistics and figures so that you can make more informed decisions.

Automate your sales

Sales technology can help solve your manpower crunch. Do your research and decide what is works best for your company and team. For instance, if keeping track of client engagement is your problem, QuickDesk CRM can help you. Another saving grace is that some sales and marketing automation software charge by number of accounts, and the rates are definitely cheaper than hiring human personnel.


Outsource part of your process

Another way to compensate for having a small team is to outsource parts of your sales process. RevGen is an appointment generation service that covers your lead generation and telemarketing for you. By using RevGen, your small team of salespeople do not need to take charge of the whole sales cycle. You can focus on preparing for the appointments and closing deals.

Leverage LinkedIn

Many people use LinkedIn primarily as a way to build personal brand and look for jobs. What they do not realise is that LinkedIn can be used to generate leads, especially in B2B. LinkedIn allows you to connect professionally to the highest ranking employees in the largest companies. Increase views on your profile and company profiles but publishing articles. Just as you can get leads from face-to-face networking, imagine how much faster you can scale on a platform like LinkedIn.


Get More Referrals

A good way to generate more inbound leads is to use of word-of-mouth advertising. Your team might be small but it definitely will go a long way if your team members eagerly recommend the company to their own social circle. You can also tap on old customers to endorse your brand for you and such endorsement is worth much more than an advertising campaign. The crux here is to create positive experiences with your product so that people would be eager to talk about it.

SMEs might be individually small, but they are integral to the Singapore’s economy. According to the Budget 2017, 99% of local enterprises are SMEs, and they hold a significant proportion of the Singapore’s labour force and GDP. Issues they face are dues to their size, particularly budget and manpower. However, such challenges should not constrain the growth and advancement of SMEs when it comes to lead generation. Hence, go forth and strengthen your prospecting, and remember: having a small team should not be a problem.




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