Grab Your Prospects’ Attention with Personalized Cold Emails


Your potential customers receive many emails everyday. How is your cold sales email supposed to stand out? The answer: personalization.

Prospects need to feel that they are not just one of many. Instead, they must think that you put in ample time and effort to learn about their specific business concerns. This can be done through personalization.

Aside from addressing recipients by name in the salutation and the subject lines, here are some ways you can make your cold emails more personal and intimate.


Mention How You Discovered Them

The first step of personalization is establishing your specific connection with your prospects. How did you discover them? Was it through a networking event? Are you in the same industry and have similar business concerns? Or did you find their contact details on the Internet?

If have not had prior interactions with them, fret not! Research and use what you have found to your advantage. For instance, comment on an article they have written or link it to your own content. Your recipient will be impressed by your effort and your sincerity in collaborating with them.


Give a Compliment

Start your email on a high note and what better way to do so than to flatter your recipient? Express admiration for their company’s achievements or praise any work they have published on their website or social media.

Research, Research, Research

All of these tactics would be impossible without doing prior research. Cold emails are often ineffective because we tale for granted the amount of time needed to prepare them. What many people don’t realize is that the effort taken to learn a little more about cold email recipients helps increase the ROI on doing them.


Use the Power of Referral

Referrals and business relationships are great points of connection. Leverage on your networks to catch your prospect’s attention.

This means that an integral part of your research should be checking out your prospect’s LinkedIn account. Mentioning mutual connections will boost your credibility as a sender.




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