4 Reasons To Outsource Your Telemarketing Function


You are a business owner. The rules of sales and marketing keep changing: new Google algorithms, new distribution channels to tap, new ways of generating leads. 

To maximize efficiency while still innovating, outsourcing certain business functions is the way to go. Through outsourcing, you save time and reduce expenses. You also get to tap on the niche expertise of external partners who can get the job done more cheaply and effectively than if you did it in-house.

B2B telemarketing and appointment generation are examples of functions that could be outsourced. Here are 4 compelling reasons why you should:


Reduce Manpower Requirements

In small companies, salespeople often manage the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to closing. Because of natural attrition throughout the sales funnel, you will need to generate more leads than the number of deals you want to close. Hence, lead generation and prospecting through telemarketing require lots of human resources.

As the telemarketing process is outsourced, salespeople can focus on meeting potential clients and closing more deals to bring cash into the company.

Save on HR and Operation Costs

While using external telemarketing services might seem expensive at first glance, consider the long-term costs of outsourcing compared to having in-house telemarketers.

Apart from basic salary, an internal marketing team incurs training costs, insurance, and commissions. You also have to consider where to locate them and which calling system to use, many of which can be extremely expensive.

Meanwhile, outsourced telemarketing services often charge by results, so you pay for the results you get.


Leverage Another Company’s Expertise

Why do something yourself when someone else can do it better? The key issue with telemarketing is that businesses often do not have the right people to do it. Even a tiny mistake in the call can frustrate the prospect and cause you to lose someone who could have become a lifetime client.

When you outsource telemarketing, you do not have to worry about high turnover rate for telemarketing staff.                                                                                                            

Receive Ready-Made Reports

Some telemarketing companies provide reports with in-depth data analysis on your target market and their engagements. 

So as you plan for the upcoming year, consider outsourcing your telemarketing function. With minimal effort, you can get qualified sales appointments, allowing you to focus on closing deals.




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